Joker movie explained

Joker Movie Meaning Explained. Joker Is A Side Effect Of Modern Life

Someday it had to happen. The auteur cinema met the superhero genre and Todd Phillips’s Joker was born.

Here is the explanation of the meaning of this film.

There are a lot of allegedly mentally ill people in the streets of Los Angeles. They are usually pretty quiet and calm. But sometimes they can get mad for whatever reason and may behave very dangerously. There is no right answer to the question “What to do if such a person attacks you?”. Well, there is an answer, but it had to be given in the distant past, at a time when no one had even formulated the question yet, because there was no interest in the subject.

This, in general, is the point of Todd Phillips`s film. The Joker appeared for a particular reason. He did not show up all of the sudden, he was raised. And everyone around is to blame for this: from Arthur’s mother and biological father to the oligarchs and social services.

There is one very interesting social issue ad out there. We follow the development of relationships between a pretty girl and a guy in a high school. By all indications, this is a romantic plot, but towards the end, shooting is suddenly heard, and the story takes on a tragic tone. While we curiously followed the growth of mutual interest among these attractive young people, some modest guy in the background was offended and started preparing a plan for cruel revenge. No one noticed him. Everybody was too busy.

The Joker is that background, which one day when no one is expecting it, becomes the foreground. After that, everyone starts to fuss and run around, trying to find out the reasons for what happened until it becomes clear that the Joker is a side effect, the ozone hole of modern society. It has always existed but did not grab any public interest before the critical failure.

Todd Phillips’ version of the Joker is much closer to the characters of Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens than to the comics. If the name Joker was not in the setting of the film and the title, then the movie could well be considered a dark social drama with no light at the end of the tunnel.

However, the light is in the film. But not where we used to expect it. Arthur Fleck climbs the stairs all the time during the storyline and does it with barely moving footsteps. The imposed standard installations and social elevators obviously burden him. The bright light will spill over the Joker for the very first time when he, tired of climbing the stairs, will enthusiastically rush down, opening the door to the underworld.

And he will find himself down there. The Joker is not to blame for the fact that society was built vertically, forgetting that each vertical structure always has two sides.

Tolegen Baitukenov, MovieTerra

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